ObamaCare adds $350 million to funds for healthcare fraud investigations

Obama’s administration is taking credit for $4 billion in fraud recoveries in Massachusetts over the past two years. However, the recoveries are not based on fraud that was perpetrated solely in Massachusetts – for example, the $2.3 billion dollar recovery from Pfizer last year is included in the $4 billion dollar figure. And, the Obama administration should give credit where it is due – most of the work on that recovery was done by investigators under the Bush administration.
However, progress is certainly being made, and all administrations from the entire political spectrum should be involved in what is currently estimated to be a $54 billion dollar problem – waste and abuse caused by fraudsters to the Medicaid and Medicare programs annually. ObamaCare will add $350 million to get new fraud fighting tools and resources – translation: “the administration will be buying a lot of expensive new software and computer hardware”.
Read the excellent Associated Press article by Glen Johnson here

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